Nick Ericson




Nick has been working with Design, Effects, and Post Production mostly with Fashion and Beauty clients for 1O+ years. Nick has also worked with 3D

since the “early-days”  mostly with Photo-Real product and set extensions. He’s been exploring 3D as a “Photographic Medium” ever since. His App PadRacer once outsold Angry Birds in Norway for a month and was the first to use an iPhone as a controller for an iPad.


Nick is an award winning Creative Director, Technical Director, FX Supervisor, Animation Director, Photographer / DP and Designer. He is expert at managing disparate groups of artists on big projects. Before Nick started working in the FX/Visualization field, he worked as an Agency Art Director, Creative Director, Commercial Director, Illustrator, and Tabletop photographer. Throughout Nick’s career he has worked with agencies such as Baron & Baron and Lloyd and Co, as well as brands like Esteé Lauder and Calvin Klein.